The Phunkitmonkey love techno, organic, deep and tech-like house stuff and dubby club tools. Phunkit was brought into being by Christian Steinmüller in the year of 2008 in Berlin and is these days run together with Falk Romstedt. Keep an eye out for the jewels of their productions which we are going to pick out for you.
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Alfred Brumme - Flagstaff incl. Remix by Steinmüller

Alfred Brumme – Flagstaff incl. Remix by Steinmüller

“Flagstaff“ is straight forward and bone dry in its mix and definitely ready for any dance floor. Monotonously driving forward, the basses are kicking, a dragging swoosh in the sequences and atmospheres which are kept subtle are forming the space without many curlicues of resonance. Subtle changes of the track in the arrangement cater for...
V.A. Steinmüller - Junimix 2010

V.A. Steinmüller – Junimix 2010

Playlist: 01. Jichael Mackson – Space _-_ Ilian Tape 02. Oscar – Trouw _-_ KarateKlub 03. Sasse – Face2Face With Reality _-_ Stroboscopic Artefacts 04. Cari Lekebusch – Macabre _-_ H-Productions 05. George Soliis – Laura _-_ Phunkit 06. Sian Oubliette (Staffan Linzatti Rmx) _-_ Octopus 07. Daniel Stefanik – Easy Going _-_ Bangbang! 08....
Steinmüller - Woo & Grauer Punkt

Steinmüller – Woo & Grauer Punkt

Steinmüller – ein DJ und Produzent der keine Verbindlichkeiten eingeht. Züchtig und energisch seine Ziele und einer der Talente unserer Zunft, mit einem Wahnsinns Knwo How aus der Hauptstadt. Zwar hat er den Groove nicht neu erfunden, schafft es aber mit jedem Release eine neue groove- orientierte Duftnote zu hinterlassen. Genau das machen eben gute...
Takt Tick - Dronenwolf & Machine Head

Takt Tick – Dronenwolf & Machine Head

The track “Dronenwolf“ slowly advances with its deep chord ambient and gets right to the point by its unobtrusive golden stages and without many unessential resonance curlicues. The industrial/mystical prevailing mood of the track is exactly reflective of the feeling that Takt Tick evoke with their live- and DJ sets and the track’s rough and...