The track “Dronenwolf“ slowly advances with its deep chord ambient and gets right to the point by its unobtrusive golden stages and without many unessential resonance curlicues. The industrial/mystical prevailing mood of the track is exactly reflective of the feeling that Takt Tick evoke with their live- and DJ sets and the track’s rough and crispy synthesizer and bass riffs provide for a convenient toughness which lures the wolf out of the drone.

“Machine Head” rolls up to the listener in a quite distinct and smooth way. Small breaks provide for the right boost and for some little explosions. The straightforwardness and profoundness of the track captivates the listener while the bass lines see to a fair pressure on the gastric region just at the right time. In one’s head the ticking starts immediately and polyphonically the machines are pressing the sound up and down through the filter while one cloud of sound is hunting for the next.

Beatport | iTunes