Steinmüller’s productions do not know any bounds of genre, he is rather looking for challenges, always in regard to the dance floor. He can confidently compete with the big ones of this world. The Berliner brings to light his tenth EP on his label Phunkit Records and we are talking about a real smash here. He combines House and funkiness with a hard-bitten methodology that makes the body sweat. “Dippin” does not only entertain but convinces to the full with its cleverness when dealing with stereotypical sounds. This project gets under the skin and with its playful arrangement leaves a big grin behind. Steinmüller’s pendant, with “Black Ape Sunday”, is a bit deeper. His hand writing is clearly defined and is founded here on groove-driven beats which are fun. Number ten is a milestone for artist and label likewise and makes clear, which drug one needs to be happy because the gateway to House music has hereby finally been cracked.

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