The Phunkitmonkey love techno, organic, deep and tech-like house stuff and dubby club tools. Phunkit was brought into being by Christian Steinmüller in the year of 2008 in Berlin and is these days run together with Falk Romstedt. Keep an eye out for the jewels of their productions which we are going to pick out for you.
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George Soliis - Wellenritt EP

George Soliis – Wellenritt EP

Smooth and soul-like vibes are sailing into the harvest of felicity on the EP “Wellenritt”. An organic equipment consisting of fat grinding beats, smart flags of strings and minimized, funky played chords. George Soliis turns on his maritime Greek charm with a risk of infection. “Wellengang” is rocking flimsy and cheerfully between organ dubs and...
George Soliis - Dischord EP

George Soliis – Dischord EP

His potential as a youngster among the artists of the label is still unchallenged. With a view to the Dischord EP, George produces straightforward and danceable summer tunes. Floor suitability, for George, is one of the highest priorities and this is exactly what one gets to feel the effects of here. Everything seems vivid and...
V.A. Steinmüller - Junimix 2010

V.A. Steinmüller – Junimix 2010

Playlist: 01. Jichael Mackson – Space _-_ Ilian Tape 02. Oscar – Trouw _-_ KarateKlub 03. Sasse – Face2Face With Reality _-_ Stroboscopic Artefacts 04. Cari Lekebusch – Macabre _-_ H-Productions 05. George Soliis – Laura _-_ Phunkit 06. Sian Oubliette (Staffan Linzatti Rmx) _-_ Octopus 07. Daniel Stefanik – Easy Going _-_ Bangbang! 08....
George Soliis - Poompom & Lushgrass

George Soliis – Poompom & Lushgrass

With „Poompom“, George Soliis makes his actual energy become evident and brings his ultimate musical advancement to the bottom line. His construct seems round, flexible and sensitive to the listener. Bass and beats interact cleverly in very precise variations here. The dubs in the interspaces are hitting quite jazzy and the really magnificent and smooth...
Phunkit present Milton Jackson and Perc on 13/02/2010 at Tresor Berlin

Phunkit present Milton Jackson and Perc on 13/02/2010 at Tresor Berlin

SAMSTAG 13.02.2010 TRESOR BERLIN Globus Milton Jackson Hawkinson George Soliis Leevey Tresor Perc Tommy Four Seven Steinmüller
Phunkit present Justus Köhnke & Lifelike

Phunkit present Justus Köhnke & Lifelike

SAMSTAG 11.04.2009 TRESOR BERLIN Globus Justus Köhncke (Köln / Kompakt) Lifelike (Paris / Vulture) Hawkinson (Berlin / Pure Substance) Tresor Kris Benton (Phunkit / Berlin) Takt Tick (Partysan / Berlin) George Soliis ( Flyingcircus / Hagen) SL Jung (Phunkit / Berlin)