With „Poompom“, George Soliis makes his actual energy become evident and brings his ultimate musical advancement to the bottom line. His construct seems round, flexible and sensitive to the listener. Bass and beats interact cleverly in very precise variations here. The dubs in the interspaces are hitting quite jazzy and the really magnificent and smooth funky vocalcutz are literally like music to the ears. A charming micro-house track which makes you instantly want to vibrate along.

George creates a firm methodology with “Lushgrass”. Percussion instruments are the vital elements which make this song become a springy all-rounder. A juicy green spreads out when the drive of spring makes the grass grow, when the blades of grass are blowing in the wind and the airiness of all minds comes into effect. This friendly drifting track comes emphatically across like the beauty and ripeness of a carambola. The elements are entirely firm and juicy and perfect in their stage of maturity.

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