His potential as a youngster among the artists of the label is still unchallenged. With a view to the Dischord EP, George produces straightforward and danceable summer tunes. Floor suitability, for George, is one of the highest priorities and this is exactly what one gets to feel the effects of here. Everything seems vivid and yet tidy. For the listener, the story he tells is easy to understand. The main contents, such as the pulsation of a chord, are preserved for a long time and unconsciously even mature afterwards. A solid, danceable grounding makes the breath seesaw jauntily and brims over with technical cleanliness and energy here. “Dischord” rolls perfectly on its bass grounding and scoops itself through dusty synth clouds. “Laura” has a skillfully lasting effect, a funky tune in a skillful Tech House style – a bit more libidinal and also fresher at the same time. Time and time again he sets the focus on the deliberate exposure to dissonant chords. These sounds are also the central force in “Iza”. Sweetly, the track is accompanied by warm sounds, which allows a certain summery atmosphere.

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