Steinmüller – Hook & Gum
Release Date: 2014-08-28
Release Out: 28.08.2014 (Beatport, iTunes, Juno & Co.)

Phunkit founder Steinmüller returns with a new EP, and to put it bluntly, it is nothing but a blast. Supposed to be an implied retrospection, this two track strong record is a perfect status quo of everything dance music stands for in the year 2014. Take the A-Side Hook for instance: A rsum of everything that made people dance for longer than two decades now. The most effective ingredients of Techno, House and Breakbeat mixed into one huge groove, combined with an all-over 90s-feeling leading to a peak timer that really hooks up into your mind. ‚Gum‘ on the flipside belongs to the dance floor as well: A true acid rave manifesto that doesn’t even need classic 303 sounds to make you jack. Not only is this package a little history lesson, it also couldn’t sound any fresher, embracing all the endless nights Steinmller seems to have learned from to the best of one’s knowledge.

Beatport | iTunes | Juno