The Phunkitmonkey love techno, organic, deep and tech-like house stuff and dubby club tools. Phunkit was brought into being by Christian Steinmüller in the year of 2008 in Berlin and is these days run together with Falk Romstedt. Keep an eye out for the jewels of their productions which we are going to pick out for you.
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Phunkit Crew 21.10.2023 zu Gast bei "Komme was wolle" in der Box bei Himmelpforten

Phunkit Crew 21.10.2023 zu Gast bei „Komme was wolle“ in der Box bei Himmelpforten

Substanz vor Worthülsen, Stabilität und Beständigkeit vor den Rest.Das sind Dinge für die wir stehen, aber heute heißt das Motto „Komme was wolle“ und wir lassen die Ernsthaftigkeit des Alltags mal hinter uns. Samstag 21.10.2023 – 20:00 UhrLocation: In der BoxAdresse: Drechslerstrasse, 21709 HimmelpfortenMusikalische Versorgung durch Hawkinson und Steinmüller
Steinmüller - Hook & Gum EP

Steinmüller – Hook & Gum EP

Steinmüller – Hook & Gum Release Date: 2014-08-28 KATALOG: PHK032 Release Out: 28.08.2014 (Beatport, iTunes, Juno & Co.) Phunkit founder Steinmüller returns with a new EP, and to put it bluntly, it is nothing but a blast. Supposed to be an implied retrospection, this two track strong record is a perfect status quo of everything...
Galan - Burning Clouds EP

Galan – Burning Clouds EP

RELEASE DATE: 2012-07-03 KATALOG: PHK028 The next pumping Techno compactor from Ukraine on Phunkit! Galan shows once again what Techno means to him- deep, subtle, industrial and straight. Keeping it straight forward and with an ever so loving devotion, these five monsters will lead you directly on the floor! Massive slamming tracks in which every...
Galan - Fragments & Tokyo

Galan – Fragments & Tokyo

Fine industrial droning deep techno tracks. Galan has the right touch for straight driven stuff and Eugene remix is the perfect addition. Beatport | iTunes


Sergey Galan – DJ and the producer from Chernivtsi. His style can be described as a mixture of techno and minimal with deep and hypnotic edge. Great material to the slam on the floor and wherever. we love the dark gray narrow groove shadow in his work and that the pumping rhythm-machines, ups and downs...
Galan - Infectious incl. D.Nemets and Mainer Remixes

Galan – Infectious incl. D.Nemets and Mainer Remixes

Atmospheric deep and hypnotic techno floorfiller. D.Nemets Remix dark noisy and minimal tripping. Mainer version is solid, fresh and percussive tech house. Beatport | iTunes
Steinmüller - Gartenparty

Steinmüller – Gartenparty

Driving sax and thick retro beat, good peak time for the floor. More smooth jazzy feeling in part 2. 10 Tips: How to Throw a Great Summer BBQ Beatport | iTunes
Kris Benton - Da Shake

Kris Benton – Da Shake

The first release on phunkit Kris Benton – Da Shake, fine deep house stuff with emotive synth and delicious voc! We like especially the dubby Chordsound, along with the basic groove, it sounds very oldskool touch. Amazon | iTunes