The Phunkitmonkey love techno, organic, deep and tech-like house stuff and dubby club tools. Phunkit was brought into being by Christian Steinmüller in the year of 2008 in Berlin and is these days run together with Falk Romstedt. Keep an eye out for the jewels of their productions which we are going to pick out for you.
Phunkit Podcast | 002 | Steinmüller

Phunkit Podcast | 002 | Steinmüller

Hey everybody, here is another edition of Phunkit Podcast. This time with our label head Steinmüller. Look forward to a groovy house set with a nice portion of funk. Check it out NOW! We hope that you are well out there.
Phunkit Podcast | 001 | Hawkinson

Phunkit Podcast | 001 | Hawkinson

Hey everybody, welcome to our Phunkit Podcast series. We start with a member of the Phunkit Crew, labelhead and great artist Hawkinson. He will acompany you the next hour with a proper techno set. So stay healthy in this crazy time, feel free and leave a comment. And now have...
Steinmüller - Solid Steps EP

Steinmüller – Solid Steps EP

Steinmüller – Solid Steps Release Date: 2016-02-09 KATALOG: PHK034 Release Out: 28.08.2014 (Beatport, iTunes, Google Play, Juno & Co.) Driving, deep and atmosperic Berlin Techno cuts. Beatport | iTunes | Juno | Google Play
Hawkinson - DRAISEN EP

Hawkinson – DRAISEN EP

Hawkinson – Draisen EP (incl. Mike Wall & Steinmüller RMX) Release Date: 2014-09-09 KATALOG: PHK033 Vinyl Release Out: 09.09.2014 (Juno,,,, Technique JP) Digital: 2 weeks later An easy mission for Mr. Hawkinson on Phunkit: to send you on an analog journey through deep stomping, chordal Techno grounds...
Christine Lau - Make U Feel

Christine Lau – Make U Feel

phk031 Christine Lau Make U Feel EP Phunkit Records Release Out: 09.05.2014 (Beatport, iTunes, Juno & Co.) 01. Christine Lau – Acid 02. Christine Lau – Dust 02. Christine Lau – Make U Feel Christine Lau’s most recent output couldn’t be entitled more accurate: ‚Make U Feel‘ presents three exclusive...
Friends at Suicide Circus - Thursday, 26 September 2013

Friends at Suicide Circus – Thursday, 26 September 2013

Line-up: Hawkinson (Phunkit, Müller Rec.) Steinmüller (Phunkit Rec.) Christine Lau (Phunkit Rec.) CLUB AD­DRESS SUICIDE CIRCUS Re­valer Strasse 99 10245 Berlin
Galan - Burning Clouds EP

Galan – Burning Clouds EP

RELEASE DATE: 2012-07-03 KATALOG: PHK028 The next pumping Techno compactor from Ukraine on Phunkit! Galan shows once again what Techno means to him- deep, subtle, industrial and straight. Keeping it straight forward and with an ever so loving devotion, these five monsters will lead you directly on the floor! Massive...
Eugene – Fallen Trees

Eugene – Fallen Trees

Jacking techno stuff with droning soundscapes of Eugene and killer remixes by Galan & Steinmüller. Nice raw minimalism and cutting edge industrial style. Release Date: 2011/01/25 Beatport & Other iTunes | Beatport
Pete Bellis - Lost in Deep & Microfeel

Pete Bellis – Lost in Deep & Microfeel

Fresh, dry and ruff tech house tunes from Greece with a excellent atmospheric dubby remix by Paco. iTunes | Beatport
Latest entries
Phunkit 11.02.2011 im ZMF

Phunkit 11.02.2011 im ZMF

Beginn: 23:30 Uhr Lineup: Hawkinson, Steinmüller, Buermann, Matt Penz und Special Guest Sascha Lokation: ZMF, Brunnenstrasse 10, 10119 Berlin
Galan - Metro Repercussion EP

Galan – Metro Repercussion EP

Galan kicks back into gear with this new massive techno tracks for Phunkit. Great material to the slam on the floor and wherever. we love the dark gray narrow groove shadow in his work and that the pumping rhythm-machines, ups and downs in the arrangement as you like it. one is always surprised about what...
George Soliis - Wellenritt EP

George Soliis – Wellenritt EP

Smooth and soul-like vibes are sailing into the harvest of felicity on the EP “Wellenritt”. An organic equipment consisting of fat grinding beats, smart flags of strings and minimized, funky played chords. George Soliis turns on his maritime Greek charm with a risk of infection. “Wellengang” is rocking flimsy and cheerfully between organ dubs and...
Galan - Plasmagun & Insubordinate

Galan – Plasmagun & Insubordinate

Hot, dark and vibrant are these two techno cracks by “Galan”. “Plasmagun” scoops the market cold as ice with its slightly creaky rubber bass sound and the bobbin sticks. In addition very massive and concise is the mechanical sounding hook line, which comes in like the regular evaporation of gigantic smothers. “Insubordinate” is pumping punchy...
Takt Tick - U1 EP

Takt Tick – U1 EP

With support by John Selway, Stephan Bodzin, Perc, Technasia, Xhin, Tony Rohr, Dean Facer and many more. The catalogue number 013 on the Berlin label Phunkit Records is at the same time the starting shot for the first vinyl release. And exactly this one shows down-to-earth techno from the capital, elaborated and cunning, by the...
Steinmüller - Swoop & Moodymike

Steinmüller – Swoop & Moodymike

Incredible, how Swoop is kicking around in forward motion. Steinmüller lets the funk sparkle from every direction and sets a beautiful contrast between humming toms and subtly hissing chord frames. A track, which definitely keeps in motion the floor kettle with its constantly slamming claps, and lashes the atmosphere even more to the top. Moodymike...
Phunkit macht Station im ZMF

Phunkit macht Station im ZMF

Beginn: Freitag 29.10.2010 | 22:00 Uhr Nach zwei Phunkit Nächten im Tresor u.a. mit Justus Köhncke, Lifelike, Milton Jackson und Perc baut Phunkit Rec. im ZMF auf die eigene Kraft und schickt mit Steinmüller und Hawkinson Eigengewächse ins Rennen, die sich mit ihrer druckvollen und kreativen Art aufzulegen nicht hinter den oben genannten Acts verstecken...
Buermann - Reflektor incl. Steinmüller Remix

Buermann – Reflektor incl. Steinmüller Remix

We are proud to have found a small jewel again in the underground of Berlin, namely Reflektor. Mister Buermann opens his own drawer on the matter of techno. Quite rough, but yet very clear is the range of his songs. Playfully in his arrangements, the whippersnapper proves his finesse with long-lasting synth phases, without deviating...


Steinmüller is a techno, deep- and techhouse project of Berlin based Christian Steinmüller. His tracks are known for their dramturgic flow with focus on dynamics (tension and easing of tension) and the harmonic meshing of sounds. Massive souldeep floor killers evolve and fill the room with bliss. As time went by, Chris developed his own deep, housy...
Steinmüller - Dippin & Black Ape Sunday

Steinmüller – Dippin & Black Ape Sunday

Steinmüller’s productions do not know any bounds of genre, he is rather looking for challenges, always in regard to the dance floor. He can confidently compete with the big ones of this world. The Berliner brings to light his tenth EP on his label Phunkit Records and we are talking about a real smash here....
Alfred Brumme - Flagstaff incl. Remix by Steinmüller

Alfred Brumme – Flagstaff incl. Remix by Steinmüller

“Flagstaff“ is straight forward and bone dry in its mix and definitely ready for any dance floor. Monotonously driving forward, the basses are kicking, a dragging swoosh in the sequences and atmospheres which are kept subtle are forming the space without many curlicues of resonance. Subtle changes of the track in the arrangement cater for...
George Soliis - Dischord EP

George Soliis – Dischord EP

His potential as a youngster among the artists of the label is still unchallenged. With a view to the Dischord EP, George produces straightforward and danceable summer tunes. Floor suitability, for George, is one of the highest priorities and this is exactly what one gets to feel the effects of here. Everything seems vivid and...