Claudio Masso - Shadows EP

In this release, the Italian artist Claudio Masso, decided to give a typically dark techno imprint with Detroit influences as he loves to do. Two original tracks and a remix of Steinmüller made an ep with strong dynamics that make it very hypnotic, redundant. The first track „Mushrooms“is characterized by a winding bassline, hard brakings with strong restarts … This is techno! The second one, „Black Congas“, as the title says, has as main feature the presence of sub-bass which create a strong sound pressure in the entire track with the addition of percussion distorted with different fx, including reverbs and delays, a “strong” compression „slaps“ the listener and makes this track a real dancefloor killer!  As in the previous track one of the feature, is the addition of synths sounds typical of oldschool Detroit! Finally we arrive at Steinmüller remix of the track „Black Congas“, as is usual in his style, it contains within itself the true dark side of techno music, atmosphere „mechanical“, reverbs and a very hypnotic groove.

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