In “Trumping Lies”, a transposing musical instrument is used. Therefore, essentially for the track’s character, a certain basic order is dominating here. Carefree and composed, Leevey is specially playing his instrument and drily puts a spotlight on it. The rest is steadily going their way and are at times accompanied by harmonious sound. As if it was perfectly normal, this atmosphere seems to be utterly palpable. The world seems to be blunt and fulfilled – a concrete proof of Leevey’s professional skills. Luscious is his framework, harmonious his sounds, unbiased the idea, classical his conversion.

Unemotional and weird, that is how “24H Sunday” is moving towards the morning. Not a single sing of tiredness. An impulse every now and then, after that a certain attraction from a distance far away. Skilfully, the upcoming flash of sounds is detained until the outburst is at hand. And then, there we are and already one finds himself in the centre of the action. Leevey does know his solid handcraft very well in his arrangement. The rhythm is spreading with a sound character, as beautiful as the pale morning mist, steeped in the dew of spring. Simple but not boring, primary but not intrusive. Delightful but never ending in his devotion.

Beatport | iTunes